Take a stroll up Creede's historical downtown nestled in one of the most breathtaking mountain settings you'll ever see, and you'll likely start looking into the area's real estate. Dotted with colorful art galleries, boutiques and restaurants, Creede is one of Colorado’s best-kept secrets. In 1890 silver was discovered in the area, and it fueled a boom that gave rise to the vibrant community of today. Its many festivals like Cabin Fever Daze, Donkey Dash Pack Burro Race and the Creede Salsa Festival attest to the spirited nature of its 900+ year-round residents. But one of its most surprising achievements is its mark in the Colorado arts and culture scene, starting with the Creede Repertory Theatre, nationally recognized for its high-quality productions and serving 20,000 patrons each summer. When it comes to visual and musical arts, notable painters and opera singers choose Creede's landscape as their muse, hosting year-round events and shows. As you walk uphill into the iconic canyon, you’ll reach the Underground Mining Museum where you can go inside the walls of a replica mine for a historical tour.

Keep walking (or hiking/4-wheeling) and you'll discover true solitude among the many mountain ridges of Mineral and its surrounding counties. The vast majority of land in this neck of Colorado is protected and public, only interrupted by the mighty curving Rio Grande and hundreds of rushing high alpine creeks. Creede serves as the jumping-off point to some of Colorado's most popular backcountry regions: the Weminuche and La Garita Wilderness Areas, and the San Juan and Rio Grande National Forests, known for harboring some of the state's finest fishing streams.

With all this outdoor recreation, we still think people are our greatest commodity. Maybe it's because there are so few of them! As you explore the area, you'll meet some of the great people of this community. For instance: Try the miners who have kept our history alive, or the people at the local schools who keep the community united while educating our children. The flavor of our community is truly enhanced by people from all walks—both residents and those who visit for a few days or many months.

There is so much to explore, to learn and to be grateful for in Mineral County. We are ready to be your guides!

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